Careness : massage products that educate underprivileged children through chemistry workshops

Who we are

With its name coming from a cross between caring and kindness with a dash of consideration, Careness was created with a clear purpose : get you rid of stress while empowering orphans.

Located in Yaounde – Cameroon, Careness is a wellness brand that aims to make a world a better place by giving access to quality education to those who need it the most : orphans.

We produce a range of massage products (lotion bars and massage creams) that will get rid of stress and back pain in few seconds …

Does your back hurt at the end of the day? Do you need a wellness break to regain your strength? Careness has the answer to all your questions.

Delicately handmade, all Careness products hydrate the skin while making massage a breeze. Inspired by nature, their tasty fragrances are an invitation to travel and discovery. From the delicious Mango mango massage cream to the sparkling orange massage bar, let Mother Nature get inside your home.

And because Careness strives for making the world a better place, we go beyond what our products can do. On each sale, a percentage is used to organize Chemistry workshops in orphanages.

What makes our heart beat

« Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world »

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

School enrollment rates are pretty good in Cameroon: 94% in primary and 47% in high school (NIS, 2019). Unfortunately, quality gap in education had never been so important. Cameroonian school system is very theoretical especially in the field of Chemistry. 

Private initiatives to promote STEM exist but they are mainly oriented towards ICTs and available only for children from wealthy families, who have enough money to pay the extra tuition fees.

Careness fight to put an end to this injustice. How exactly ? Check this explanatory video to know everything.

Explanatory video of Careness

Did you know that more than 50% of the best jobs are related to science? Estimated to 1,291,474 in Cameroon, orphans and underprivileged children also deserve access to quality education in order to improve their grades, self-confidence an have better job opportunities.

That’s why on each sale, Careness used a percentage of the incomes to organize Chemistry workshops in orphanages.

Feel good inside and outside

« Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. »


Our goal is clear: to provide relief to stressed professionals while providing hope to disadvantaged children. To achieve it, we only need one thing: you

  1. Support a charitable cause.
  2. Not tested on animals.
  3. 100% natural.
  4. Made in Cameroon.

The exotic massage creams

Mango mango massage cream

Is there a fruit more exotic than mango? The sweet smell and the shimmering orange of this fruit are a real ode to a change of scenery … Open a Mango Mango massage cream by Careness and let yourself be guided to unknown lands, full of sun and hot sand … Price : 3000 F CFA

Mango mango massage cream
Lavender massage cream

Lavender massage cream

Did you know that lavender is the most used perfume in spas and massage centers? This is not surprising … The scent of lavandula has this little something that makes it terribly soothing … As if to thank this plant for its benefits, nature has adorned it with a purple color that is both distinguished and bucolic … Price : 3000 F CFA

Our selling points

  • Yaounde: mendong, camp SIC (only on appointments) : +237 690 14 78 30
  • Yaounde: Agropole shop, carrefour Regis: +237 32 13 53
  • Douala: Contact : +237 677 06 90 79
  • Douala: Carine A., Akwa : +237 697 78 12 07 (possibility of shipping to Garoua and Bafoussam)
  • Douala: Agropole shop, Bessengue, next to hotel Lewat : +237 671 65 73 73
  • Douala: D-fit, Bonamoussadi, carrefour maçon: +237 658 86 27 31

The tasty massage bars

Vanilla massage bar

In cosmetics or in the kitchen, Vanilla tickles the senses and delights the taste buds. 99% of the world’s population is crazy about this fragrance and this is understandable…

Vanilla massage bar

Vanilla has a fragrance as delicate as a fragile flower and whose notes are reminiscent of the tropical islands. Vanilla, we like it or we like it… It’s as simple as that. With the Vanilla massage bar, Careness makes this classic perfume a massage tool.

Price : 700 F (3 at 2 000 F)

Strawberry massage bar

It doesn’t matter if you live in a temperate zone or not, the strawberry irreparably evokes laughter from childhood and simple pleasures. Its heady, sweet and sparkling like no other fragrance …

Strawberry massage bar

Perhaps it was the pretty pink from the Strawberry massage bar that first attracted you… Perhaps you had heard about it from your loved ones… One thing is certain: the Strawberry massage bar from Careness leaves no one indifferent.

Price : 700 F (3 at 2 000 F)

Orange massage bar

Lasts a catastrophic week or day? Between plague and cholera, hard to choose … What is certain is that this dark period has put your batteries flat and your morale lower than earth.

Orange massage bar

Fortunately, the Careness Orange massage bar is there to help you recharge your batteries!
Who would have thought that this 100% natural disc would have as many benefits? Rub the Careness Orange massage bar on your skin and be enveloped in a bubble of dynamism.

Price : 700 F (3 at 2 000 F)

Join a noble cause

« Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much »

Helen Keller
we need help - how to become a volunteer Careness

Do you want to lend a hand during one of our workshops?

Whether through your time, a material / financial donation, a partnership or a sponsorship, we will be more than happy to collaborate with you.

Don’t be shy! Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

For an even faster response, call us on +237 690 14 78 30.

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« No matter how amazing the story is, it always starts with an hello »


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